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What we offer.

We truly love what we do and feel so very fortunate that our clients choose us as their creative team. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is or whether you are a start-up or established company, we approach all projects with equal energy, creativity and passion.

Research →

We begin all of our projects with planning and research where we dig in for a better understanding of our client’s target audience in order to deliver an appropriate message and solution. 

Branding + Logo Design →

We move from our research phase into a rich visual identity that engages consumers. Your business is your life, we understand this connection and help tell the story of your business through design. Our branding packages provide you with the foundation of your business and the tools you need to keep it all cohesive.

Packaging →

Your product packaging is a statement, it is a canvas to help propel your brand’s message and to capture the attention of the consumer. Well designed packaging can stop a customer in their tracks and that is what we strive for at Studio Linear. 

Print Design →

Our print and digital design services include menu design, posters, look books, flyers, and social media strategy to promote and help grow your business reach.

Website/App Design →

We provide several options for our web design and development packages in order to best suit your business needs. These include packages that range from customizing Squarepsace and Shopify themes to match your business, to developing completely custom sites that showcase your brand’s unique message. 

Spatial Design →

If you have a brick and mortar location and you’re seeking a design eye to help you with interior design, including selecting paint swatches, stylizing decor, choosing flooring or looking for a large scale mural, we are here to provide those services. 

Extras →

After we work with you in developing your new look, it is important that your product reaches the audience it is intended to reach. We offer marketing and social media strategy to develop your business plan for engaging your target groups.


In the early stages of our working reltaionship, we take time to not only get to know you on a personal level but also to explore what makes your business unique. We spend time learning about your goals and vision and researching your target audience.  In our research phase, we spend time finding special details that will be used to create and promote your brand.


This is where your vision is brought to life with our creativity and where our real passion shines. We take the knowldge we have gathered from our research and use that as a guiding force in our design phase.  During this process we open up our designs for your feedback, which results in a collaborative and enjoyable experience.


Our final phase of work is often the most exciting for our clients! Once our designs have been approved, we move the pieces forward to production or share final files directly with you. This last phase will ensure the smooth and satisfactory completion of the project. Our ultimate goal as designers is to help you turn your vision into a reality.


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